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Q3 has ended and we are in the final stretch of 2013!

Typically a slow time of year in the industry, low interest rates seem to be a key factor in the continued steady pace of the industry. Lumber has seen a 30% rise since June 2013 and the upward trend shows no signs of slowing in the short term with another 10% rise expected by end of Q1 2014 according to futures. Despite the continued upward tick of commodities we anticipate continued modest growth and remain optimistic for the short term.

We are proud to announce that Gelson’s Market in Long Beach is now complete and opening date is set for November 7th. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with AJ Padelford & Sons on this project. We have also completed our scope of work at TJ Maxx in La CaƱada, Vallarta Burbank, Public Storage Silverlake and have begun 99 Ranch Market in Corona.

Currently, we are in negotiations for a handful of relatively sizable projects that could fill our books through June of 2014. Details forthcoming.

FTC will soon be working with Ellis Contracting to bring yet another Which Wich Sandwich shop to So Cal in the City of Pasadena.

In closing, from FTC to all of our friends and clients, we wish you all safe and Happy Thanksgiving!